What Are the Benefits of Using Shea Butter for Hair?

When it comes to using Shea Butter for hair, the list of benefits is just unending. The butter is pure conditioner for the hair since it bears healing and moisturizing properties. Shea butter benefits the hair and scalp in too many ways. The butter can sooth dry and itchy scalp which is prone to dandruff. Since it bears anti-inflammatory properties, the butter easily gets absorbed into the scalp without leaving any greasiness. It never clogs the pores to cause discomfort. Thus, you can consider the purchase of Shea Butter.5-way-to-use-shea-butter-on-hair-1

Shea butter for a complete hair protection

Shea butter is the perfect way to protect your hair and shield it from environmental hazards. It saves your hair from the free radicals, sun damage, excessive dryness and itchiness. So, even if the weather condition is harsh outside, the butter will offer protection to the scalp and tresses. Apart from this, the butter also heals and repairs the damage caused to the hair due to ultra violet radiation of the sun. Once the butter is absorbed onto the scalp and hair, it coats your hair shaft to protect from heat elements. This is even more beneficial for the treated and colored hair. Organic Shea butter is the perfect way to restore the shine and glamor of the hair while safeguarding it from salt and chlorine if applied prior to swimming.

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Nature Fuels Beauty with African Shea Butter Soap

The African Black soap is one of those natural products with few ingredients, making it pure and raw. It has been used for a very long time in Africa. The African shea butter soap is very different from a normal bar of soap, the traditional black soap is never uniform and smooth even when cut into a bar shape.africanviolet2

African black soap comes in different shapes and sizes, depending on the formation. The African Fair Trade Society has some of the most natural products such as the raw soap. The most natural aspect of the raw African soap is that it does not have any artificial fragrance; it is described to have an earthy scent. The soap is free of artificial coloring or preservatives. The soap is not necessarily black; it ranges from light brown to deep black in color. The process of making the soap involves sun drying of the plantain leaves and then burning it into ash. The darkness of the soap depends on the time, the plantain is roasted for. Sometimes when the soap appears jet black in color, it is said to contain artificial dyes, hence not pure in genre.

The raw African soap is said to be beneficial for acne, blemishes and various other skin conditions. Based on the African folklore and tradition, the natural soap is highly valued for bathing and washing hair. One of many ingredients of the black soap is charcoal which removes bacteria and dirt from pores, hence serves as an excellent product against breakouts. It is known to be nature’s purest soap which helps cure all kinds of skin problems and works well on different types of skin, found authentically in the areas of Ghana and Nigeria in Africa.

Shea Butter for Skin – Easy to Follow Remedies

The secret behind smooth and moisturized skin is undoubtedly Shea Butter, popularized greatly in the present era. Shea Butter is an ivory colored fat extracted from the nut of the African Shea tree. In some African regions it is used as cooking oil, for hairdressing, candle making etc. it also has medicinal properties. Shea butter is referred to as a ‘skin super food’ which is extremely rich in vitamins A and vitamin E. It offers protection from UV rays and provides essential fats to the skin and nutrients which enable collagen production. It has been widely used in Africa for several years.shea-butter-for-skin-300x220

Following are the benefits of Shea Butter for skin:

  • Moisturizing: Shea butter proves to be very nutritious and moisturizing for the skin due to high concentration of fatty acids and natural vitamins.
  • Reduces inflammation: Shea butter holds anti-inflammatory quality due to the presence of natural properties and cinnamic acid. This makes it very beneficial for acne prone skin condition.
  • Healing qualities: Due to presence of plant sterols such as oleic, palmitic, and stearic acids, shea butter has been widely appreciated for its healing properties. Unrefined, raw shea butter is very effective in curing skin peeling, skin rashes, scars, insect bites, frost, stretch marks etc.
  • Sun protection: Shea butter also serves as a great natural sunscreen as it provides protection against UV rays.

Pure shea butter melts at body temperature. Raw shea butter is the purest. Since it is extracted manually, it retains its vitamins, minerals and other natural properties which are extremely beneficial for skin. African fair trade society produces skin care products from Shea butter.

Using Shea Butter for Hair Treatment

This fatty extract taken from the fruit of the Shea tree is the main and basic composition of Shea Butter. The Shea Butter for Hair has Hydrating, moisturizing and cleansing property that helps in instant cure and treatment of hair. Many a times due ironing, straightening, blow drying, continuous shampooing and coloring of hair can cause huge damage of the hair. The hair loses its natural beauty and becomes thin and rough. To protect the hair from further damage this hydrating product can come to your rescue.shea-b_orig

Used as a Conditioner

Rather than using cosmetic conditioners, it is best recommended that the people use this natural product. According to instructions one has to take a generous amount of the butter and apply it on the hair, concentrating on the tip of the hair. It helps in curing the split ends and prevents further damaging of the roots.

Just as any conditioner, The Shea butter needs to be sustained for half an hour before washing it off. This will help the butter to moisturize the hair and make it smooth and glossy. This will help you in avoiding fizzy, dry and unmanageable hair. With the market flooded with several options in terms of cosmetics. Shea Butter for Hair is one of the best options that provide you natural treatment. An original version of the product will not make you regret.

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Important Facts on Raw African Black Soap

Human skin is very sensitive and needs utmost care. If the skin is not treated at an early stage after diagnosis, then it may lead to the worse condition. Another name for the traditional Black Soap is Raw African Black Soap which is prepared using various kinds of ingredients such as dudu-osun   and some amount of alasta simena.soap-16-oz-raw-african-black-soap-bar-from-ghana-5

Researchers state that this soap provided many health benefits. It has medical properties that can cure skin ailments such as eczema, any blemishes and also spots that can harm the skin if neglected for a prolonged period. The Black Soap is one such traditional treatment which can cure the skin problems without much difficulty.

A Traditional Form of Treatment

The market is flooded with artificial soaps which are being released to cheat the customers. They do not have the same composition and therefore do not provide the required benefits. As the history goes the traditional form of Black soap comes from Africa where one can get the traditional soap in the purest form.

This soap has been used for many generations. It has a long and rich history and continues to be popular among the present generation as well both in United States of America and Europe. The link here http://www.africanfairtradesociety.com/ will help you contact the providers of this product.

One of the interesting facts about the Raw African Black Soap is that the original soap has rough form and is rarely even in shape. But in the present market, the artificial ones are made smooth for the sake of making them appealing in form.

A Brief Summary about 100 Percent Pure Shea Butter

Shea butter is used as cooking oil in Africa for centuries and also used to make chocolates in European countries. It is known for phenolic components and is rich in fatty acids, beta carotene and vitamin. It also prevents hair fall and aging of skin. Thus, it has emollient and moisturizing properties. They are also used in massage butter, lip balms, body butter and moisturizing lotion. It is hard in consistency and has mild nutty odor.image

Shea butter is sold in both wholesale and market rate. The prices are charged according to its quality and quantity. They are available in various packs in market. However, one should always buy 100 percent pure shea butter. One can buy shea butter both from departmental stores or online. The website selling shea butter also sells other shea butter products.

Effect of Shea Butter Sales on Country’s Economy

It is a valuable source of income for African countries. It contributes to 20% of a country’s income. Shea butter is usually known as “Women’s Gold” as it provides income for the female workers who collect, crush, grind and roast the shea beans before producing finished product. Therefore, the sale of shea butter and products promotes women empowerment in African countries.

The money coming from shea butter sales are invested into health care and education of rural people. The money is also invested in providing employment to the needy. The money and resources are distributed to a group of people or village without any privilege. They try to raise funds for rural people without any bias.

Stay Far Away from Skin Problems

original-pure-shea-butter-soap1Shea butter soap is the pure source of natural nutrients such as Vitamin A. The product of African Shea butter skin has the amazing power of healing and providing moisturizer to the soft skin. In the growing items of skin problems, Shea butter skin is exactly effective. It is the most desired soap nowadays in the market which can improve the condition of imbalanced skin, blemishes and wrinkles. It is also effective in order to prevent dermatitis and eczema. It has the magical property to hide skin allergies like medicine and can also treat in case of insect bite, frostbites, sunburns and other unexpected conditions of skin.

It is such effective and rich natural moisturizer that every person should use this Shea butter soap. It comprises of many skin nourishing vitamins such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A whose role is to act as the antioxidant that can effectively reduce the symptoms of harmful radicals. With the application of African Shea Butter Soap, you can avail the facilities due to the presence of Vitamin C and Vitamin A in it. It serves the role of catalysts to your skin in order to reproduce enormous collagen to turn out flaunt of wrinkles.

In addition, it acts fast to heal and to provide the plump skin the power of resisting UV ray and sagging effect. You can buy this soap online as this item is on the pinnacle of demand and available almost through every online vendor’s shop. It is easy to buy online. Take care of your skin. Have a good life.