A Brief Summary about 100 Percent Pure Shea Butter

Shea butter is used as cooking oil in Africa for centuries and also used to make chocolates in European countries. It is known for phenolic components and is rich in fatty acids, beta carotene and vitamin. It also prevents hair fall and aging of skin. Thus, it has emollient and moisturizing properties. They are also used in massage butter, lip balms, body butter and moisturizing lotion. It is hard in consistency and has mild nutty odor.image

Shea butter is sold in both wholesale and market rate. The prices are charged according to its quality and quantity. They are available in various packs in market. However, one should always buy 100 percent pure shea butter. One can buy shea butter both from departmental stores or online. The website selling shea butter also sells other shea butter products.

Effect of Shea Butter Sales on Country’s Economy

It is a valuable source of income for African countries. It contributes to 20% of a country’s income. Shea butter is usually known as “Women’s Gold” as it provides income for the female workers who collect, crush, grind and roast the shea beans before producing finished product. Therefore, the sale of shea butter and products promotes women empowerment in African countries.

The money coming from shea butter sales are invested into health care and education of rural people. The money is also invested in providing employment to the needy. The money and resources are distributed to a group of people or village without any privilege. They try to raise funds for rural people without any bias.


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