All You Should Know About the African Shea Butter Company

Shea butter is a concentrate from the Shea seed of the tree called karite tree. This tree develops in a quarter century and it doesn’t grow completely until it is forty-five years of age. The Shea tree can deliver harvestable nuts for 100% pure Shea Butter regardless of the fact that it is two hundred years of age which are widely sold by the African Shea butter company. The characteristic fixings in the butter of Shea nuts are the purpose behind its adequacy.



Shea spread is at present accessible in a natural and refined structure. In spite of both being unadulterated forms, the distinction lie in the way they are delivered. The refined Shea spread has no regular scent and common color. But, the natural, grungy type of Shea is found in its characteristic state. Research by the African Shea butter Company has inferred that the refined type of Shea butter is not as viable as the natural, grungy one.


The essential utilization of immaculate Shea butter as per the African Shea butter company is as a cream and as an emollient which as act as skin softener. Purest form of Shea butter has been observed to be exceptionally powerful in blurring scars and pregnancy stretch marks. Crude Shea spread in shampoos and conditioners likewise offer weak hair some assistance with regaining its delicateness and flexibility.


The grungy rendition of Shea butter is more costly than the refined variant. This is on the grounds that natural items take more opportunity to process when contrasted with the items that are refined and prepared mechanically.

Buy 100% Pure, organic, raw unrefined African Shea Butter products online from African Fair Trade Society.


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