What Are the Main Ingredients of the African Shea Butter Black Soap and What Are the Benefits?

The African shea butter black soap is the outstanding skin care product that is made up of natural ingredients. Recommended for both the old and the young generations, there are too many benefits. It is free from any kind of side effects and offers the outstanding skin care and the hair care benefits. Most of the Africans use this soap for spiritual purification. Traditionally prepared by reducing the local trees and barks into ash, the organic soap has the black colour. There are too many ingredients and herbs used in the soap that offers medicinal properties.


Some of the crucial ingredients of the black soap

The organic black soap comprises the natural ingredients like the very bark of the shea tree, leaves and foliages of the plantain plant, the banana tree leaves, the palm tree leaves, the olives, the coconut, and the cocoa. The magnificent odour of the soap is all due to the natural ingredients present in the soap. You will not find any artificial perfume in the product or the preservatives. The barks and the leaves are heated in the kettle and water is added during the preparation. It is the filtered water which is used mainly to make the African shea butter black soap. In the entire process of making the soap, no machine or chemical is involved. It is mostly suitable for the infants who are offered the needed gentle touch and care with the soap. The soap has been used since the age old times to benefit the skin and the hair. African Fair Trade Society is the largest distributor of organic shea butter soap in Canada.


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