Want to Attain Relaxed Black Hair? Try out Shea Butter

The unrefined African Shea butter is one of the best natural remedies for hair loss. The butter is the ivory colored fat which is extracted from the shea tree nuts and is used in the moisturizers and the hair care products in the cosmetic industry. It is also used in the chocolate industry in place of the cocoa butter. The unrefined shea butter has the best healing properties and is mainly odorless if you buy the 100% pure shea butter. The shea butter is excellent for the hair and can be applied to the damp hair straightaway. Although the butter is pretty hard, it become soft and gets readily absorbed by the skin and the hair.


How to make the shea butter?

The shea butter can further undergo some processes so that it becomes easy to apply. You need to place the butter in the double boiler and add the virgin olive oil. The oil content can be 1/4th of the butter. Simply pour the mixture in the black coloured jar and hence the shea butter will remain soft owing to the presence of the olive oil. You can also whip the shea butter with some other ingredients like the cocoa butter, virgin olive oil and the essential oil to make it more beneficial for the hair.

Being one of the best natural remedies for hair loss, it is important to add 2-3 more ingredients to make the shea butter an excellent moisturizer and oil for the hair. For a relaxed black hair, you can apply the shea butter. At African Fair Trade Society, you will find a system that will help you in seeing and feeling the difference on your hair provided you use it properly and on a continuous basis.


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