Some Amazing Benefits of the African Shea Butter

Being valued as one of the best skin care emollients, the African shea butter has unsurpassed therapeutic and moisturizing capability. The butter is extracted from the Karate tree which is grown extensively in the West African Savannah region. If you buy it in the unrefined form, the butter is most advantageous as it comprises unsaponifiables that offer conditioning and moisturizing. Being edible, the shea butter is also employed in cooking and as a substitute for the cocoa butter.


What does the shea butter comprise of?

The shea butter is rich in vitamin A which has a great anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-oxidant property. It can heal the dark spots and the winkles. The presence of Vitamin E reduces the blemishes and the scars and makes shea butter anti-aging in nature. The Vitamin F is the outstanding anti-inflammatory fatty acid. With the presence of such compounds and vitamins, you can reap a variety of benefits from the African shea butter. The natural protection from the sun, reduction of wrinkles, marks and scars are among the major benefits. It conditions the hair, soothes the scalp and restricts the hair breakage. The one facing hair problems will get a petroleum free shine onto the hair. If you have extremely dry skin, the shea butter can treat cracking, chapping and dry skin. The minor skin irritations resulting from dryness and environmental hazards are addressed well. Skin irritations like the sun burns and the insect bite marks are healed naturally. The shea butter is devoid of any side effect. Hence always use the products from African Fair Trade Society.


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