Unadulterated Truth about Pure Organic Shea Butter

Pure Organic Shea ButterWhen you say pure it means that something that does not contain anything harmful or toxic that can have adverse effects on the skin. Any product that is said to be 100% pure means that it has no combination or mixing. The same goes true for shea butter as well. Pure Organic Shea Butter contains nothing but organic butter elements that serve to be very beneficial for the skin. Apart from this, it should also be noted that shea butter in its raw and pure form is also helpful in restoring hair health. Pure shea butter is devoid of additional preservatives and chemicals. It only possesses pure butter which is extracted from the popular Shea Tree found in Africa on a very wide scale. If you want to have a very clear idea about organic shea butter then you need to compare it with refined shea butter that contains certain preservatives as well as chemicals.

Comparison of Refined and Unrefined Shea Butter

Unrefined or Pure Organic Shea Butter contains all the important components found in African butter. On the other hand refined or impure shea butter contains less original components found in African shea butter. The danger lies in the fact that preservatives or chemicals added to natural shea butter can have an adverse effect on the skin of an individual. There are some chemicals that can overpower the natural skin healing abilities of the vitamins and the fatty acids found in shea butter. This way shea butter would stop acting in the form of an effective skin nourisher. On the other hand, there are certain appealing properties which might have been removed and during this procedure, it is likely to remove the important nutrients as well. African Fair Trade Society is the largest distributor of organic shea butter in Canada.


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