Use Natural Remedies for Hair Loss Prevention

natural remedies for hair loss At some or other point in the lives all of us suffer from hair loss and are not even aware about the reason for it. But yes remedies for most of the hair fall reasons are usually same. There are several natural remedies for hair loss which can help the hair fall up to an extent, but for severe cases you need to consult with an expert. Men and women both suffer from hair loss, but their experiences and reasons both are different. Usually a woman loses hair throughout their scalp where as men lose at in a pattern only. Hair loss also occurs due to unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

Shea butter is a natural product which has amazing results for hair loss prevention. Due to hydrating and healing properties of the shea butter it can be used as a deep conditioner to stop hair loss. You need to take shea butter in your hand, rub it between both hands so that it melts properly and apply it all over your hair gently. Always pay attention towards the end of the hair which is more damaged in comparison to the roots.

Apply your hair all over with Shea butter and cover it with a shower cap to allow the butter to create its wonders for an hour or so. After that wash your hair with gentle shampoo. One more reason for which shea butter can be used is to tame flyaways.Put a dime sized of butter on your hand and smooths your hair down with it. It helps in styling and keeping the annoying fizz away. To buy these shea butter products visit African Fair Trade Society.


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