Is It Possible to Find 100% Pure African Shea Butter Today?

100% pure African shea butterFinding 100% pure African shea butter is more of a distant dream today. Although you will see that there are different brands of shea butter available in the market, each of which offer different benefits, finding the real one is always difficult. African Fair Trade Society brings to you the finest range of pure African shea butter, which you cannot find elsewhere.

Making Pure Shea Butter

Shea butter is the ivory or yellow colored butter, derived from the nuts of the rich African shea tree. The true is known to have exceptional healing abilities, which makes it so popular all over the world. However, native to Africa, this tree and its richness are now packed in bottles, jars and different containers, and sold all over the world.

Practically, shea butter has potential health benefits, especially for hair and skin, which makes it such a magnificent product to be used. There are only a few African states that make the richest and purest form of this butter, which can now be obtained online.

Refined or Unrefined – Choosing Shea Butter

While refined shea butter loses most of its healing properties during the process, unrefined shea butter contains the richness of the nut, devoid of all chemicals and preservatives. As such, it is best to choose 100% pure African shea butter, which is unrefined and packed with richness.

For centuries, African women have been involved in this business, making shea butter and delivering it to the world. They make the purest shea butte you can find in Africa.


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