The Benefits of Unrefined Pure African Shea Butter

100% pure African Shea butterWhat is unrefined African Shea butter? Shea butter is the fatty extract obtained from the Shea seeds. There are various benefits of the same. 100% pure, African Shea butter is known for its moisturizing values as well as healing capacities. It is termed to be better than all other oils. Pure African Shea butter helps in healing of wounds, dry skin and chapped lips. It contains high amount of Vitamin A and E that help maintain the nourishment of your skin and helps it to look young. It also prevents your skin from wrinkling at an early age. It also helps skin from burning in the sun. It soothes dry chapped skin and also helps to soften damaged hair.

Shea butter consists of various medicinal properties like phytosterols, Cinnamic acid, latex, and triterpenes which are good for the skin. It can also be massaged into babies’ skin to keep it smooth. People who have been reported to use Shea butter on a regular basis are said to have smooth, glowing and clear skin. It helps in ailments like skin blemishes, reduces itching in the skin, helps prevent sunburn and also helps in healing of wounds, cuts and scars. Shea butter is a product that can be used raw or also can be used by mixing with any cream base. It is also used for dermal skin conditions.

Use Shea butter on your skin on a regular basis and see the transformation in yourself in a couple of weeks. It is definitely the most useful cosmetic product. Visit African Fair Trade Society to know more about us and our products.


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