Losing Hair Due to Stress – Try Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

Stress has been the leading cause of hair loss for men and women. While there’s a natural hair growth cycle that causes a certain amount of hair loss, abnormality is something that needs to be addressed. As such, natural remedies for hair loss can come to your rescue. You can try some of the organic shampoos and conditioners available at the African Fair Trade Society.

Hair-Care-ComboReducing Stress

Stress can be naturally reduced by taking a few steps. For instance, if you are active and you start exercising regularly, your endorphin levels will increase. As a result, you will experience reduced pain and anxiety, which will promote an overall sense of happiness and wellbeing. You can also relax.

Deep breathing is also an excellent exercise for overall good health. It reduces stress and hair fall at the same time. It helps your body to remove stressors from life.

Stress equates to tension, which causes hormonal imbalance in the body and confuses the immune system. As such, your immune system starts attacking the hair roots to cause hair loss. These are natural remedies for hair loss that can be tried.

Role of Nutrition

Along with stress, you should get adequate nutrition too. Protein and iron are the fundamental building blocks that cause improved hair growth and production. Likewise, nutrients like zinc and selenium also play key roles.

You will find these supplements in most health stores. Start taking supplements as well as leafy veggies to achieve similar effects. If nutrient deficiency is causing hair loss, it can be cured.

Finally, you should start using good quality, natural hair loss products for immediate effect.


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